Can't get to train with us at our facility?


No more wasting your valuable time “guessing” what works and what doesn’t. We will carefully design your program for you with the most effective training methods to get you results!! All exercises come with full video demos and explanations on our full interactive app.


You’ll be assigned your very own, highly experienced professional coach who can be contacted via our app to personally guide you step of the way.


You can check in and track your sessions via our custom app where you can log your workouts, view nutrition targets via a direct link to my fitness pal, Directly communicate with your coach and keep and continually monitor your progress.

Athlete Factory Online Packages

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Created with athletes, weekend warriors and any adults who are serious about sport and fitness in mind, AF ATHLETE is for the individual who wants elite coaching at an affordable price that will enable them to get the results they crave. Gain from THE ATHLETE FACTORY techniques, not shared before and which guarantee to improve your health and fitness levels. AF ATHLETE programmes are built by AF Performance Coaches who have worked with some of the best professional sports teams and individuals in the world. 

Chose one of three pathways “AF Recomp”, “AF Strength and Lean mass” or “AF Sports performance”. Each pathway gives you access to a workout plan designed by our Elite coaches to deliver the results you want. In “AF Recomp” our coaches give you the plan you need to reduce your body fat and put on lean muscle mass. If you want to get strong and build muscle “AF Strength and Lean mass” is the right pathway for you. Finally with “AF Sports performance”our coaches give you the plan you need to be the absolute best you can been the field, court, ring or ice!

  • Training Program
  • Nutritional Guidelines
  • Access to AF Mobile App
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The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | AF Rugby

This online program is for all rugby players who want to train and perform like a pro. We reveal to you, proven techniques, programming and secrets used by current elite level players and teams across the globe. Regardless of your current fitness and strength levels we will give you with the correct help, the knowledge and guidance to optimise your performance

Designed and Delivered by our Elite S&C coach Ryan Gibney (Georgia Rugby unions Former head of performance) who has worked with all codes of Rugby including 7’s Super league, premiership and international Rugby.  The program includes everything you could need to have the best off-season, pre-season and  in-season along with any personalised position/ goal specific sessions you need to help achieve optimal performance on field.

Train smarter and be better with AF PRO.
  • Nutrition plan
  • Bespoke Mobility and Warm up plans
  • Training plan constantly reviewed and adjusted to suit the individual
  • Access to the AF App
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The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Triathlete
As Triathletes we are constantly looking for ways to improve our performance and we are always chasing improvements amongst all 3 disciplines.
A key component to an elite Triathletes programme is a tailored Strength and conditioning programme.
At the Athlete Factory we are proud to open this service up to everyone. Your personal coach will draw from years of experience of working with Elite athletes including, Olympic and commonwealth games Gold Medallists, to provide you with the cutting edge in Strength and conditioning programmes.
We know that no 2 athletes are the same so why should you follow a generic plan? We all have different goals, different physical limiters and different amounts of time available to fit all this training in!
There is no one size fits all option here!
We design bespoke scientific designed programmes that are 100% built for you. This we know is the only way to get the results.
We are not just a weight training programme we are a total body conditioning for endurance athletes. Contact us to find out how we can make you Faster, Fitter and help to prevent Injuries.
  • Access to the AF App
  • AF Mobility Screening
  • AF Athletic Performance Evaluation
  • Bespoke Nutrition plan
  • Supplement Plan to maximise sports performance
  • Bespoke Mobility and Warm up plans
  • Bespoke Training plan tailored to you and your sport constantly reviewed and adjusted to suit the individual
  • Direct Message and E-mail Support
  • Experienced Elite AF Personal Coach
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£ P.O.A



Q: What equipment will I need to complete the online AF program?
A: You need access a basic gym set up such as a barbell, some dumbbells, a bench and a squat rack to complete bands or a cable machine to get the most from your program
Q: Can I do the program at any commercial Gym?
A: Yes no problem at all, we will build your program using the core equipment almost every gym should /will have no special equipment needed. And if there is something your gym is missing we’ll simply give you an alternative exercise to do.
Q: Is there a minimum time commitment for the AF online program?
A: There is a minimum 90-day commitment. This is to ensure us you are serious and commited about getting results. After the initial 90 days you will automatically roll into the next cycle your program – if you wish to cancel after the minimum 90 days please email us on to ensure you are not charged for any further months.
Q: Who is the AF online program for and what is it all about?
A: The Online AF program is for anyone who wants to get stronger, leaner, fitter, faster, build muscle, improve sporting performance and develop an athletic looking physique.
Your bespoke program will be constructed for you using proven methods used in elite sport.
You will be guided and supported through every step of the process by your very own assigned AF performance coach.
Q: How Does the online AF athlete program work?
A: Your program works by combining the most effective proven training methods for building a strong, lean, athletic body into one bespoke to you online coaching program direct to the palm of your hand via our app that you can get access to for just £29.99 per month.
Q: If I want to cancel after the initial 90-day commitment how do I do that?
A: Simply email us on and we’ll make sure you’re not charged for any further months.
Q: What happens after I've signed up and become an AF online member?
A: Once you’ve signed up you’ll be asked to fill in a few details so we can learn more about you so we can then bespoke your program to meet your needs and goals.
Q: How many days a week will I have to train and how long is each session?
A: The online AF Athlete program consists of 3 essential training sessions per week with optional extra goal specific sessions included should you wish to train more often. Each session will take 50-60 minutes.
Train with the best at The Athlete Factory Chester #TAKETHENEXTSTEP

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Updated 14 May

Our online programme "Lockdown Challenge" is now available! Click here to find out more and to sign up

We are sharing workouts, tips and information via social media and this is being added to our BLOGS as well. Take a look!

Just to clarify on the current status. We are still closed to the public but our gym office (Matt's house with a diverted phone) will be open Mon to Fri between the hours of 09:30 and 16:30 if you need to call to speak to someone. Or you can email Matt on

We understand that this is not an easy time for anyone and will re-open as soon as we can. Please see Phil's letter below.

letter from phil

Stay safe and well everyone and thank you for your patience and continued support as we respond to the current climate.