Watt bike training is relatively new to the amateur crowd having been something only familiar to elite athletes and cyclists around the world. Its effectiveness as a workout has been proven, but the cost of a watt bike made it prohibitive for most people who wanted something to train on and build their endurance. Now, watt bikes have become more affordable and almost anyone can buy one and train at home or find one in their local fitness centre. So, just what is this watt bike training and how does it work? Let’s take a look:

What Is Watt Training?

If you follow professional cycling, you might have heard about watt training or perhaps a commentator might have stated how many watts a particular cyclist could sustain. What? Or, perhaps more precise, watt? A watt is basically a measure of power per unit time and, when used as a measurable factor in training, it can be much more exacting that trying to achieve a specific goal heart rate. Why is this more exact? When you measure your performance using watts you are actually measuring your workload without any other factors which could make the results less precise. In cycling, speed, hills, wind and certain other variables can make your ride feel more challenging and this can make it seem as though you are doing more work.

Why Is Watt Training Beneficial?

Watt training offers a wide range of benefits to the professional athlete and anyone who wants to use this method to stay in shape and build endurance. Watt bike training provides the user with status updates on intensity, duration and total workload and it can add a new level of precision that can help measure your actual progress. Triathletes can use watt bike training to understand better the comparison between actual workload and  perceived exertion, giving them a better sense of how they can control their power output. This is especially useful when trying to conserve energy throughout a race.

Another benefit of watt bike training is that it can improve an athlete’s performance levels more effectively than training based on heart rate alone. Without measuring many of the typical variables involved with traditional cycling including wind, rolling resistance and the aerodynamic profile of the athlete, we can measure how hard and fast the athlete pushes the pedals. This makes creating a training strategy easier and gives a better indication of the results.

To learn more about the benefits of training with watt bikes, contact The Athlete Factory today!

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