How to set some basic benchmarks on the Watt Bike.

This month has seen the first of our Watt Bike Challenges, starting with a 1km time trial.  

This has been a popular challenge and as a result I have decided to show you how to take some benchmark measurements on a Watt bike. Firstly, to see where you are at now, compared with an elite-level cyclist, and secondly to use it as a benchmark to see future progress in your training.  

The first test is the 6-second peak power test. As simple as it sounds, it’s the maximum power that you can put out in a 6-second period. A high result is a good indicator of your sprint potential.

To select this test, go to Main Menu – Workouts Tests – Tests – Power Peak 6” 

The second test is a 30-second max effort that will give you a guide to your anaerobic fitness.

To select this test, go to – Main Menu – Workouts Tests – Tests – 30s Max 

The third test is a 3-minute aerobic max effort this will show you where you are at threshold. To select this test, go to – Main Menu – Workouts Tests – Tests – 3 Minute Aerobic 

For all these tests we look at the score that you achieve in watts per kilogram of weight (W/kg). This is a power to weight ratio which ultimately will gauge your performance and give us data that is comparable to other riders. As a cyclist, the way to improve performance is either to increase strength or decrease body weight. Ideally, we would do both for the biggest improvement.

For more endurance-type riders we would look at a functional threshold power test (FTP) which is a 20-minute time trial. From this, we can work out percentages of your FTP so riders of different sizes can train together in their own power zones and both work equally as hard. 

Below shows you where these scores rank you compared with Normal Level Cyclists, High Ability Cyclists and Elite Cyclists and international Development Riders.

Male Cyclist Table


Normal (W/Kg)

High (W/Kg)

Elite (W/Kg)

6” Peak Power




30” Max Effort (Mean)




3 min Aerobic




Female Cyclist Table


Normal (W/Kg)

High (W/Kg)

Elite (W/Kg

6” Peak Power




30” Max Effort




3 Min Aerobic





Written by Oli Jenner.

Oli is the head of our Sports Medicine team and S&C coach. Ollie has over a decade of experience treating and coaching a broad spectrum of athletes ranging from professional cycling teams to World Cup winning rugby players, Olympic Gold medal rowers, Commonwealth Games Gold medalists and celebrities with huge demands on their time.

He has always been passionate about elite sport and human performance. Initially as an Ironman triathlete where he represented Great Britain and raced internationally in Ironman races & ski touring, through to Coaching Triathlon, Cycling and Running.






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