Have The Athlete Factory’s knowledge in the palm of your hand

The Athlete Factory believes that with the right support and knowledge, you truly can get the results you want, no matter where you live or where you train, 24/7.

Online training plans from The Athlete Factory gives you our expertise, care, elite tips and programme all built using the AF winning methodology.

Tailor made to suit you

This is not a one-size fits-all programme. Your assigned AF Performance Coach will create your bespoke programme to match your exact needs, abilities, equipment and goals through a simple consultant form.

More support means better results

Delivered via an interactive smartphone app, which tracks your progress and links to other devices like FitBit and my fitness Pal, so you get the monitoring and tools to guarantee a fitter, stronger and healthier you!

You’ll receive 24/7 support and guidance from us through the live messaging on the app.

Whether you’re an individual, a group or a professional club we have a programme to suit everyone with six different packages available. If you’re an Athlete Factory Chester member you’ll receive the training programme on our app for free.

Remember to sign up before the facility opens to receive 20% off your membership for a year!

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We are Now Open!

The Athlete Factory is excited to be allowed to open our doors again. Due to current restrictions we are currently operating a members only booking system. We are not accepting any PAYG visits all visits to the gym must be by appointment only. This is to protect our members and staff. If you need any help booking in to the gym please feel free to get in touch.

We are accepting a limited number of new members please email us to register your interest.

The gyms office is open between the hours of 9:30am and 6pm. Call: 01244 261 368 or email: matt@theathletefactory.co.uk