This is far more than a normal gym membership! We give you everything you need to be a healthier, fitter, stronger and leaner you! 

As an AF Athlete you will chose one of three pathways: “AF Fat Loss”, “AF Strength and Muscle mass” or “AF Sports performance”. Each pathway gives you access to a workout plan designed by our Elite coaches to deliver you the results you want.

With our three pathways we have you covered for every goal from muscle building and strength, to fat loss and sports performance. In “AF Fat Loss” our coaches give you the plan you need to reduce your body fat and put on lean muscle mass. If you want to get strong and build muscle “AF Strength and Muscle mass” is the right pathway for you. Finally with “AF Sports performance” our coaches give you the plan you need to be the absolute best you can be on the field, court, ring or ice!

As an AF Athlete you become the focus of our facility with AF Coaches always on hand during your session* to ensure you get the most out of your training.

Your progress will be monitored and tracked throughout your fitness journey by our elite coaches through our AF Training app. Your coach will be on hand to offer support and guidance where required. After the twelve weeks we will then sit down with you again and review your progress. We simply provide you with the tools and environment you need to succeed.


Only £80 per month includes;


  • Unlimited access to our world class gym
  • Personalised 12 week programme implemented and monitored through the AF training app.
  • Access to a personal coach through the AF training app who will track your progress
  • Nutritional guidelines and advice.
  • Unlimited access to all our functional group training classes and Watt bike classes for your conditioning
  • Induction to our gym/movement screening/goal setting session every 12 weeks
  • Exclusive members discount on AF partner products.
  • Guaranteed results!

AF Chester Memberships Enquiry

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Need a Training Plan

No more wasting your valuable time guessing what works and what doesn’t. We will carefully design your program for you with the most effective training methods to get you results! All exercises come with full video demos and explanations on our full interactive app.

Train with the best at The Athlete Factory Chester #TAKETHENEXTSTEP

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Updated June 

A Clean, Safe and Healthy Environment

All Signs are pointing towards us being able to reopen soon. We are currently following advice from UKactive who are advising the government on how gyms can reopen. To all our members and The AF Family Thank you for your continued support.

At The Athlete Factory we have always tried to maintain the highest standard of hygiene as the health and wellbeing of The AF Family has always been our priority. The severity of Covid 19 outbreak now means those standards are even more important.

Just to clarify on the current status. We are still closed to the public but our gym office (Matt's house with a diverted phone) will be open Mon to Fri between the hours of 09:30 and 16:30 if you need to call to speak to someone. Or you can email Matt on

We are sharing workouts, tips and information via social media and this is being added to our BLOGS as well. Take a look!

Stay safe and well everyone and thank you for your patience and continued support as we respond to the current climate.