This is far more than a normal gym membership! We give you everything you need to be a healthier, fitter, stronger and leaner you! It is a twelve week coach led transformation plan. 

As an AF Athlete, you will get a 12 week training plan designed by delivered by our elite coaches to help you achieve your goal. Each programme is adapted and built to you and your induction screening. 

As an AF Athlete you become the focus of our facility with AF Coaches always on hand during your session* to ensure you get the most our of your training and our world class equipment. You will be coached in a semi-private session* your coach will lead you through a warm up and then coach you through your workout. All sessions are broken into groups based on your ability level and goals from Beginner, intermediate or Advanced no matter your level or experience you are welcome on our team.

We have you covered for every goal from muscle building and strength, to fat loss and sports performance, your progress will be monitored and tracked throughout your fitness journey by our elite coaches through our AF Training app. Your coach will be on hand to offer support and guidance where required. After the twelve weeks we will then sit down with you again and review your progress. We simply provide you with the tools and environment you need to succeed.

*No more the six people to a session.

For only £80 per month includes;

  • Unlimited access to our world class gym. (Worth £60 per month)
  • 3 x semi-personal training sessions a week*. (Worth £234 for 12 weeks)
  • Personalised 12 week programme implemented and monitored through the AF training app. (Worth £210 for the 12 weeks)
  • Access to a personal coach through the AF training app who will track your progress (Worth £30 per month).
  • Nutritional guidelines and advice (Worth £60).
  • Unlimited access to all our functional group training classes and Watt bike classes for your conditioning (Normally £5.00 per class).
  • Induction to our gym/movement screening/goal setting session every 12 weeks (Worth £35)
  • Exclusive members discount on AF Cryotherapy and AF partner products.
  • Guaranteed results!

AF Chester Memberships Enquiry

Train with the best at The Athlete Factory Chester #TAKETHENEXTSTEP

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