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AF MEMBERSHIPS: We offer you so much more than a gym membership! When you become an AF member you get the knowledge, support and a world class environment to work towards your goals. We build your bespoke programme on our app that is aligned to your goals or sport, plus you get a coach to support you every step of the way.

We all know that person who goes to the gym 6 days a week and complains they never get any fitter, leaner or stronger. We change that by giving you the knowledge, world class equipment, expert programming and support to get the results you crave.

To us you are more than just another membership number and we are more than just a gym!

*Tailored family membership created on request 





This is far more than a normal gym membership! We give you everything you need to be a healthier, fitter, stronger and leaner you!

As an AF Athlete, you will get a supervised training plan designed to help you achieve your goals. We track your progress through our app and offer support and guidance where required. This is far more than a normal gym membership!  You are supervised throughout by our elite coaches who are there to support and help you through your session, using our unique world class equipment.

£60 per month includes;

  • FREE Induction session to guide your experience at AF, including movement screen.
  • FREE 12 week programme tailored to your goals built by our expert coaches.
  • Programme implemented through the AF training app.
  • Track your Body measurements and progress images through the AF App.
  • Unlimited access to our world class performance gym.
  • Unlimited access to our high energy group training classes.
  • Be part of the AF community.
  • Exclusive members discount on AF Cryotherapy and AF partner products..
  • Train smarter in a world class training facility and get the support athletes enjoy.











If you want to take your training seriously, the AF PRO membership takes your training to the next level. You need to be motivated and put your trust in us. Building on an in-depth consultation and assessment, your advanced program will be designed and delivered by our high-performance coaches so you get the best personal coaching in an economic way.

Intense training, faster results, better performance.

£225 per month includes; 

    • FREE in-depth consultation to guide your experience at AF, including movement screen.
    • Personal programme tailored to your goals or sport.
    • Programme implemented through our AF training App.
    • Dedicated assigned coach
    • 1 x one to one coaching per week. (*AF PRO one to one sessions are by booking only)
    • Nutrition consultation & audit.
    • Unlimited access to our high energy group training classes.
    • 2 x cryotherapy sessions per month.
    • Be part of the AF community.
    • Exclusive members discount to additional cryotherapy sessions & AF partner products.
    • Train smarter in a world class training facility and get the support athletes enjoy.




The ultimate training package tailored to you and your goal. 

This is the worlds highest qualified personal training! You have an elite coach that has worked with some of the worlds best athletes coaching you to the results your crave.

This is the most comprehensive training package in the UK. You will be working with an elite coach that has worked with some of the best athletes in the world. Whether you are in professional sports, a beginner or a weekend warrior we have got you covered. You will receive an in-depth assessment, one to one coaching from our lead coaches, nutrition audit and plan, high intensity classes and cutting-edge cryotherapy recovery.

The AF Elite Program will get you get the best coaching experience and results you deserve. From the sessions in the gym, to your recovery, including nutrition and cryotherapy treatments, we tailor every detail to you and your goals.

If you want to super-charge your training and results, then this package is for you.

12 Week Fully Bespoke Program Includes:

    • A dedicated assigned Elite AF coach.
    • 3/4 Private 1 on1 personal coaching sessions per week
    • In depth AF Consultation including facility induction, body composition testing, movement screening and full testing protocols.
    • Nutrition consultation and audit.
    • All nutrition and Supplementation programmes carefully constructed around your unique goals.
    • Lifestyle management advice enabling you to get the most out of your training and make continuous and manageable changes to your lifestyle.
    • Blood Analysis and DNA Testing (optional)
    • Personal Programme created by our elite coaches tailored to your goals or sport.
    • Programme implemented through the AF training app for total monitoring.
    • Track your Body measurements and progress images through the AF App
    • Priority Booking at preferential peak times
    • Pre and Post Workout Nutrition included
    • Unlimited AF classes depending on you programme design
    • Up to 2 Cryotherapy Sessions per week built into your programme to maximise recovery
    • Unlimited support 24/7 through the AF App
    • Train smarter in a world class training facility and get the support athletes enjoy.
    • Be a part of the AF Community.
  • Members discount on extra AF Cryotherapy and AF partner products.
  • Elite 1 on 1 is performed by the AF lead elite coaches, so you get the best coaches around performing 1 on 1 coaching with you.

Contact us for £POA







If you have enjoyed classes in the past, you’ll love AF Classes! No matter your age, goals and fitness, we have the class for you. From developing your kids’ fitness and confidence with our super fitness classes, to building strength, power and endurance with our incredible functional, training, HIIT and WattBike sessions.

All of the classes at AF Chester have been given our stamp of approval, backed by science to produce proven results. Our applied coaches use the same training in the real world to promote the fitness, health and body composition of our athletes. Most importantly we want to focus on is the enjoyment of training and the community feel from the sessions. This is something you can bring your friends and family to and have a great time motivating each other and forging new relationships with other members on their training journey.


Ideal for people who like circuit or HIT training and want to get results through group training. See our class page for more details

Walk in: Single £6.50

Non member packages:

  • 5 class pass = £25 (saving £7.50)
  • 10 class pass = £45 (saving £15.00)
  • 20 class pass = £80 (saving £50.00)

*All classed must be booked through our website or the MindBody app 





THE ATHLETE FACTORY is passionate about developing the young athletes, getting our young active and healthy and producing the next generation of sports people. The development pathway has been created by our lead coaches through their experience and knowledge in multi sports and leading international organisations. Our programming is made of safe techniques that is enjoyable, challenging and builds foundations for their development.

Some of the areas we cover are:


  • Theory and Terminology
  • Instilling a Healthy Lifestyle – nutrition and being active


  • Establish Core Strength and Flexibility
  • Development of Motor Skills and Movement Patterns
  • Strength Training Preparation through the Utilization of Body-Weight Exercises and Basic Weight Lifting Skills
  • Institute Speed, Plyometric & Conditioning Bases
  • Functional Strength Exercises
  • Sports specific strength training
  • Speed and Agility training


Developing the next generation

All our programming has been created with long term athletic development. We have created our own LTAD system using various models that we have experienced across so many sports and organisations from around the world. We offer the youth a platform in an world class training environment to develop safely, learn and be educated through our coaches in all aspects of training. The programming is built with flexibility dependent on athletes schedule.

This development is a passion of ours, so we have allocated time blocks at the facility to only the Academy Athletes. This means the youth train with fellow Academy Athletes and have fully access to the facility.

Foundation 12 -14yrs £30 pcm

AF Youth programming aligned to your goals or sport, using more motor skills and strength development to build a solid physical foundation. (2 sessions per week depending on programming schedule )

Aspiring 14 -18yrs £40 pcm

AF Youth programming aligned to your goals and sport. This is a crucial development period for the youth and an important time that propells their aspirations. Our programming will be aligned to this period, the youths own physical stage, their training age and desires. (3 sessions per week, depending on programming schedule)

With Foundation & Aspiring memberships – you receive:

  • Full consultation
  • Bespoke Programming created by our elite coaches aligned to your sport or goals
  • AF Training App
  • Gym access at Academy times
  • Nutritional Education
  • Movement assessment
  • Assigned coach contact
  • Access to youth classes

*20% discount on classes for parents if child is an AF Athlete.

*sessions are scheduled based



Cryotherapy Packages

These packages will give you access to our Cryo Therapy Chamber to gain from so many health benefits from beauty to recovery from exercise. Please see our Cryo page to explore the benefits of Cryotherapy.

We have bundles for members and non members along with exclusive discounted packages for teams.

*Bundles for AF members are:

Single sessions – £20 per session

  • 5 sessions – £75 @£15 per session
  • 10 sessions – £120 @£12 per session

Members can book online or use their Mindbody app

Courses for non members are:

Single sessions – £40 per session

  • 5 session – £150 @£30 per session
  • 10 sessions – £240 @£24 per session

Non members please contact us at to book your session

Teams – please contact to discuss team usage




Personal Coaching

Are you searching for a personal coach to help you achieve your fitness goals?

AF personal coaches will help you achieve those goals throughout our AF 1-on-1 training program.

The AF 1-on-1 training program provides you with a AF personal coach that will develop a program specific to your fitness needs. At AF, our coaches focus on using time efficiently, providing accountability and delivering measurable results.

Each AF Coach represents the AF methodology and professionalism.

Each coach is fully qualified, regularly kept up to date via CPD (continued professional development) and is highly experienced.  They are supported by our AF lead team and will build your programme on the AF app giving you the best programme to get results.

Small Group training packages* are also available where you can train with 2-4 people with your AF Coach. The Small Group package is a cost effective way for friends or couples to train together but still follow an individualised training programme.

AF Performance Coach –

£35 per single session

3 pack – £99 (saving £6)

7 pack – £210 (saving £35)

11 pack – £300 (saving £85) – Best Value

*small group training is the price of the session plus £10 per extra person

AF Lead Elite Performance Coach –

£60 per session

Packages – P.O.A






AF CLUB – We created AF Club so sporting organisations can use the AF coaches knowledge and facility as a club. We will work with your club coaches to create team sessions that are energetic, exciting, challenging and creates a bond within your club.

*£5 per person per session for an AF TEAM session per week

*minimum of 10 club members must be signed to take up this exclusive AF CLUB offer

Nutrition Consultancy – Work with our facility nutritionist to maximise your training, audit your diet, fat loss planning, improve health, cooking skills and education through our nutrition work shops. Nutrition is a huge part of everything we do at the Athlete Factory and we want to create a platform to support you to become a healthier, leaner and better you. Our nutritionist will work hand in hand with you through your goals and help you understand how nutrition works. For more information please contact us.

ASPIRING ATHLETES SCHOLARSHIPS –  We want to help the the next generation of sports stars on the path to their goals. We will support through our coaches and facility to allow them to make the gains in their performance they desire. The Athlete Factory will offer free memberships to aspiring athletes, so they get the best facility to maximise their potential. We also want to support current athletes who need a world class facility to train in. We will help facilitate them within the AF facility to be able to enhance their performance as we know the right environment is so important in elite sport.
*AF Aspiring Scholarships are based off AF criteria.

Please email Phil Greening at – to find out more information and apply.

Access to a world class training centre for your team or club
Contact phil@theathletefactory for more information

To find out more about our Facility and our service please contact us below


AF Chester Memberships Enquiry

Train with the best at The Athlete Factory Chester #TAKETHENEXTSTEP

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