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Our total body functional training class

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AF Functional is a series of classes for men and women that provides athletic-based training that are energetic, challenging, fun and most of all will get you fitter, stronger and leaner

Our total body functional training class includes; priming the body for the session, strength and resistance exercises, core work, circuit  intervals and methods used on the worlds leading teams to get you into shape. These classes demand commitment so if you are looking for an easy class to kill an hour then try Zumba as these classes are not for you!

Beginner or advanced these classes caters for everyone. Even the fittest individual will find its workload tough


STRONGAF is a class using our functional and strongman equipment. This is a class inspired by strongman style training and metabolic conditiioning workouts. So you get a non conventional strength training workout, fat loss and conditioning session in one HIIT.


If you like your circuits and HIIT sessions then FITAF is the one for you. This is AF’s signature class; a high intensity interval session using athletic based movements. This class will challenge your body in a different way, activating numerous muscle groups at once as you battle physically and mentally through the exercises.

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 Learn the basic barbell lifts (Squat, Deadlift, Bench press) with expert guidance from our world class coaches. Plus get advice on how to build your workout around the big three.


Women’s Kickboxercise (K-Box) All the movements of kickboxing without the contact, combined with bodyweight exercises> Run by former Kickboxing world champion Ricky Nicholson

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