We have put together a series of classes using our lead coaches knowledge in elite sport that every one can use to develop their fitness and strength.

These exciting, energetic classes are designed to test you and get results. These classes are for all ages, fitness levels and experience, as our coaches will manage the class to suit your ability to make sure you get the most out of the class. You will get fitter & stronger while being supported and monitored in an exciting class.

The series of circuit based classes are energetic, challenging, fun and most of all will get you fitter, stronger and leaner. These classes demand commitment so if you are looking for an easy class to kill for an hour then try a low level dance fit class as these classes are not for you!

Each class duration is 45mins within an hour slot, so you have time during your slot to be warmed up, smash the class and then recover!

By joining our classes whether by themselves or as a supplement to your program you are becoming part of our community. A community that supports each other and pushes you to new limits.


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MindBody is no longer active. Call 01244 261368 for help.