AF CLUB – We created AF Club so sporting organisations can use the AF coaches knowledge and facility as a club. We will work with your club coaches to create team sessions that are energetic, exciting, challenging and creates a bond within your club.

*£5 per person per session for an AF TEAM session per week

*minimum of 10 club members must be signed to take up this exclusive AF CLUB offer

Nutrition Consultancy – Work with our facility nutritionist to maximise your training, audit your diet, fat loss planning, improve health, cooking skills and education through our nutrition work shops. Nutrition is a huge part of everything we do at the Athlete Factory and we want to create a platform to support you to become a healthier, leaner and better you. Our nutritionist will work hand in hand with you through your goals and help you understand how nutrition works. For more information please contact us.

ASPIRING ATHLETES SCHOLARSHIPS –  We want to help the the next generation of sports stars on the path to their goals. We will support through our coaches and facility to allow them to make the gains in their performance they desire. The Athlete Factory will offer free memberships to aspiring athletes, so they get the best facility to maximise their potential. We also want to support current athletes who need a world class facility to train in. We will help facilitate them within the AF facility to be able to enhance their performance as we know the right environment is so important in elite sport.
*AF Aspiring Scholarships are based off AF criteria.

Please email Phil Greening at – to find out more information and apply.

Access to a world class training centre for your team or club
Contact phil@theathletefactory for more information

To find out more about our Facility and our service please contact us below


Train with the best at The Athlete Factory Chester #TAKETHENEXTSTEP

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